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A unique business specializing in the chemistry and analysis of seawater, salts, and brine. Offering chemical analysis, purity, and consulting services.


Anyone involved with aquatic systems, oceans, estuaries, zoos, research, or environmental operations. Also for those that produce, purify, or use inorganic salts and brines in any application.


The purity of a salt is critical in almost all applications. For example, seawater is not just sodium chloride. It is a balance of many different elements in specific concentrations and states. Deviations from those found in natural seawater can have profound affects on the chemistry and often has biological ramifications. Chemical analysis enables one to better understand this delicate chemistry and subsequently appropriate measures can be taken to improve it.

Pure salts have various types and amounts of impurities depending upon their source and method of processing. The application will dictate what impurities can be tolerated ranging from crude road salt to highly purified specialty chemical salts for food, pharmaceutical, and research use. Chemical analysis can again provide the necessary information to improve the product for its specific application.

We can offer valuable insight ranging from appropriate testing protocols to suggested modifications in the maintenance, processing, or application of seawater, salts, and many inorganic chemicals.


We have developed some unique ways of overcoming many interferences from the salt matrix. Combining this with state of the art instrumentation such as Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometry, Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, Ion Chromatography, Voltammetry, and other electrochemical techniques, we can accurately measure many elements and ions at very low levels in seawater, salts, and brine.

Acid cleaned sample containers with instructions are sent to you at our expense. Sample the system water at your convenience and ship overnight (preferably) to the lab. Dry samples may be sent directly to the lab at any time in a suitable container. Results are typically available within ten days to two weeks.


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